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About Us

Information Technology Center

The Information Technology Center was established in November 1996 in compliance with our nation's information policies with the purpose of assisting students and faculty staff in the fields of teaching and research as well as the computerization of administrative work on campus. Due to the prevailing of Internet in recent years, the Center has actively played a key role in regard to information services and technology support. In addition, the Center shoulders a main task to apply computerization into school's administration and also to promote and maintain its Internet system in the hope to establish a proper digital environment on and off campus for students and faculty.

The Information Technology Center is divided into 2 divisions with their main tasks as following:

1.Division of Network Management

*Establishment and Maintenance of Campus Network
*Dormitory Network Services
*Wireless Network Services
*Management of Information Security System
*Computer Labs Services
*Staff Training Planning

2.Division of Information Service

*Account Application
*Software Services (Licensed Software Downloads)
*VHS File Conversion
*Webmail Services
*E-mail Services
*Information Services Management and Technical Support
*Building and Maintenance of Websites